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Making the transitions of Estonian energy, mobility, and communication systems sustainable and just on the verge of Second Deep Transition.

R&D project

A society-wide transition to sustainable and just socio-technical systems.

The research is financed by Estonian Research Council (PRG346).

Science + practice

With this R&D project, we aim to reshape Estonian energy, mobility, and communication systems by implementing and further developing the Deep Transitions framework.

We are constructing a bridge between the frontiers of transition research and the road to sustainability and social equality in Estonia. 

System-wide transitions

Guiding questions


How might we transform both energy production and consumption to be sustainable?


How might we make mobility system serve people's needs without burdening the environment?


How might we use Estonian advances in ICT to further facilitate the sustainability transitions?

NEW: 6 research questions for future multi-system research

Research frontiers for multi-system dynamics and deep transitions

What are we doing?

Project's phases:



We are digging deep into the history of Estonian energy, mobility, and communication systems to better understand why we are where we are today. 


Today's outlook

We are seeing theoretical evidence of ruptures in the fabric that’s holding together carbon intensive industrial societies, and we are aiming to find empirical evidence of it. 


Paths to a better future

With experts and interest groups of each explored socio-technical system, we are creating future scenarios and backcasting paths that can take us there. 


Demanding change

The culmination of the research is a set of guides on making Estonian energy, mobility, and communication systems sustainable and just.

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If you have insights into Estonian energy, mobility or communication system, we might need your help.